Monica’s Version of San Choy Bau

San choy bau is a classic Chinese dish that can be found on a lot of menus. Traditionally, its made with chicken or pork mince and uses water chestnuts in the recipe. The cooked meat mixture is then placed in iceberg lettuce cups and rolled up to be enjoyed.

Traditional lettuce-wrapped delight, great as an entree or light meal.

Kids love these.  Getting kids to eat their vegetables is easy when they have the fun of assembling this tasty dish themselves..

500g Mince chicken

(I prefer breast as its not as fatty) Of course only use organic free range chicken

I small can of water chestnuts

A small piece of ginger

Small amount of chilli (optional)

Small bunch of coriander 

Iceberg lettuce cups.

1/2 cup of tamari

1/4 cup of maple syrup.

Small amount of olive oil

Massel no:7 stock cube or your own stock broth.

Lightly heat olive oil, add ginger gently brown, add mince chicken and cook through breaking up the mince chicken as it cooks. When cooked add the water chestnuts,  tamari and maple syrup and 1/2 cup of water with massel no:7 stock (optional).

Let it cook until water has reduced.  Add chilli  coriander.  


Serve into lettuce cups and enjoy.

I’ve been known to add a heap of chopped veggies to this like, diced carrot, peas, corn, whatever you like really.

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