Stay Well in the Silly Season by Monica Roberts

Terrifying but true: the average Australian adult will gain three or more kilograms over the Christmas break. Sarah Link

While working with clients I will often make changes to their diet to support their health and healing. Some of the most common statements I hear are ‘Oh, that’s tough because it’s my birthday’, or ‘I have a wedding on this day’, or ‘I’m going away, so I’ll start when I get back’… 

I understand it can be challenging, but you know what…there is always going to be some sort of event that will make it difficult to avoid unhealthy foods and potentially hold you back form reaching your goals. Therefore, our plan is to encourage you to incorporate healthy eating into your daily routine. That way, when events come up and you’ve already been avoiding the problematic foods, it will make it much easier to get back into your routine straight after.


For your next Christmas party or event make sure you take along some healthy snacks you enjoy like a dip with carrot, celery, cucumber and capsicum to share with your friends. You can find some lovely food ideas to enjoy guilt-free here

Remember, it’s much easier to maintain your weight than to have to work hard at losing the extra kilo’s that can often appear over the Christmas holidays. But if you do over indulge (enjoy every minute of it!), I’d recommend booking in for a Detox or Weight loss program to kick off your new year. Check out our next email with more details about the programs available.  

  1. Limit the pig outs! Keep those wildly-overindulgent days to a minimum, say three days – the day you finish up at work, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. …
  2. Be selective. Eat, drink and be wary at those Christmas feasts. …
  3. Avoid too much alcohol. …
  4. Keep moving. …
  5. Don’t eat your way through two big meals a day. (Reference)

Stay active!

It may be one of the most hectic periods in the year but whatever you do don’t let exercise fall by the way side. Schedule a training session on the day of the function and don’t skip exercise the next day, even if it’s just a walk or toning session.

Over the holiday period when your caloric intake increases you will really notice how exercise can help keep your weight under control.

So devise some going out game plans, stick to them and you never know, in a few weeks you could leave party land in even better shape than when you entered it! (Reference)



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