As far as I know, there is still no such thing as a Magic Bullet for weight loss or spontaneous vitality (if you happen to find one, please let me know). So while we are waiting…I’d like to tell you about our Wellness Program to help you feel like the best version of you.

The Wellness Program 

Feel Great  ∙  Be Healthy  (Check out the special offer below)

What I know and what works really well (with a little elbow grease and determination to get started) is the Wellness Program.

During the Wellness Program you can look forward to achieving a healthier body weight, increased vitality, energy and well being – lets face it we all need a little more of this in our lives. We need our body to be alive and well, and what you do to it now Matters for your future health.

We are constantly presented with choices…which path will you decide to follow…


Are you listening to your body?

Just for a moment look ahead…Take several breaths in and out and ask…How am I feeling?

Our body is always giving us feedback about how it is performing, although, busy lifestyles can mean that we ignore or push aside aches, fatigue or digestive discomfort that can be indicators of our current health. For example:

Bloating ∙ Constipation ∙ Diarrhoea ∙ Difficulty sleeping ∙  Fatigue Hormonal imbalance ∙ Itchy skin Inability to cope with stress Itchy skin Joint Pain ∙ Mood changes Nausea Reflux or Indigestion ∙ Susceptible to infections Trouble concentrating

How the program works

The wellness program uses delicious whole foods, natural fruits, vegetables and proteins combined with a small serving of complex low Glycemic Load grains (slower release of energy) and exercise designed to specifically suit your needs. 

Our Program is a safe and effective way to support the balance of each system in the body. You will be guided with the support and advice of a qualified Naturopathic practitioner to make the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle that will assist in achieving great results.

Our suggestion is that you have three appointments to get you started on the Wellness Program (see below for our special offer!!).

This will give you the best start by providing you with lots of tools, tips, tricks and motivation to stay on track for long-term sustainable results.

The Wellness Program is an investment into your future health and provides: 

Sustainable results ∙ Long-term wellness ∙ Practitioner Advice & Support

Special Offer

We are currently running a special on Naturopathic consultations. 

Book and purchase 3 appointments and receive your 3rd consultation at 1/2 price, a saving of $42.50.

Please note that full payment is required at the first consultation for the three appointments to be eligible for the discount. Consultations may be rescheduled but refunds are not given. Should you fail to give 24 hours notice to reschedule your appointment you will incur a fee. 

BOOK NOW:  .(03) 9723 9755 and Mention “The Wellness Program”


What you do today Matters.

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