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Here are some question/incidents that we have received recently along with Monicas reply.  Your wellbeing matters.

1:  Incident:

A client has had a spontaneous reaction to allergies, he went away and was then bitten by a mosquito. After that he then suffered immune deficiency.  He asked why does this happen? I’m usually really well. No body else got the virus!
Well our health is like stacking the deck.. Or sometimes like falling domino’s.
We don’t just get sick, we don’t just suddenly have heart attack, or hormonal disruption, or diahorrea.   Usually there are many factors that slowly stack up: for example, say you get stressed, more than usual, then you have a few bad nights of not sleeping. On top of that your social commitments are high and you are not eating well.. Your bodies resistance starts to fall, inflammation starts to rise, hormones start to deplete and your body’s ability to repair becomes compromised. your ability to cope decreases, a passer bye walks past you with a cold, and before you know it… Your sick!
We can minimise our body’s responses by remembering to breath deeply right into the belly, eat well loads of greens, and get really good sleep.
See you in the clinic.
Your wellbeing matters.
Love Monica.
2:  “Not feeling like I’m in control of my health”.  
This was a comment that I received from one of my clients.  To regain control, just take one step each day that can have a positive impact on your health, it could be that you just stop and breathe for 5 mins, or choose a healthier option for just one meal.  Or decide that you can easily make the changes you need to make for a healthier you. Look forward to seeing you in the clinic, and we can do it together.
3:  “Not sleeping, in pain, over weight, brain fog, PMS,  sugar cravings.
Should I go on !!!! Oh and decreasing eyesight”. 
 This is sounding a little hormonal, our diet and daily stressors have a huge impact on our hormones, toxicity, liver function, nutrient intake all effect how our body responds to hormonal balance. Eating a nutritious diet, reducing our toxic load, de-stressing our  lifestyle can help reduce the stress on the body and therefore assist in balancing our hormones.
See you soon.
Love Monica   #Croydonherbalhealth
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