Todays Chat with Monica.

A client has had a spontaneous reaction to allergies. One weekend he decided on a getaway.  Whilst he was away and got bitten by mosquito, and then suffered immune deficiency.

He came to see me and asked me:

‘Why does this happen?’

‘I’m usually really well.’

‘No body else got the virus!’

Well our health is like stacking the deck.  Or sometimes like falling dominoes. 

We don’t just get sick, we don’t just suddenly have heart attack, or hormonal disruption, or diarrhea.   Usually there are many factors that slowly stack up.

This is what happens: Let’s say you get stressed, more than usual.  Then you have a few bad nights of not sleeping  and your social commitments are high.   You don’t eat well because you are busy.   Your body’s resistance starts to fall, inflammation starts to rise, hormones start to deplete and your body’s ability to repair becomes compromised. Your ability to cope decreases.  It just takes someone walking past you with a cold, and before you know it… Your sick!   

We can minimise our body’s responses by remembering to breath deeply right into the belly, eat well, loads up on the greens, and get really good sleep.

See you in the clinic.

Your wellbeing matters.

Love Monica.



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