Meet Emily Robertson. Emily will be consulting on a Wednesday at Croydon Herbal Health.

Emily is a qualified Naturopath with an extensive background in healthcare. She completed her naturopathic studies at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne, and has previously studied and worked in nursing and pathology.

Emily first discovered naturopathy through her own journey of healing. While she respects the conventional medical system, she recognised that many treatments did not address the root causes of disease, and people with chronic health issues continued to suffer. Naturopathy offers holistic treatments that incorporate mind, body and spirit and this is what drew her to this practice. She has a passion for helping people who feel run-down and un-well to feel vibrant and healthy again.

Emily has a particular interest in treating:

–       Skin conditions: Acne & Eczema

–       Women’s hormonal health: PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause, fertility and pre-conception care

–       Gastrointestinal health

–       Children’s health

–       Weight Loss

The field of medicine continues to evolve, and Emily ensures she is up-to-date with the most current research and evidence by dedicating regular time to professional development.

Emily is passionate about ‘food as medicine’ and spends much of her spare time either creating in the kitchen, or sharing delicious food with family and friends. She also has a keen interest in animal health, and makes sure that her two puppies, Alice and Scout stay healthy with natural medicine. Emily loves living in the Croydon area because of its greenery and the local community’s positive attitude to health.

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