Hello my name is Lynn and my experience with naturopathy has been a personal journey to understand the importance of changing to a way of life that included the deeper understanding and importance of my diet and supplements and how they have helped and improved my overall well being.

As I aged into my fifties I found that with the onset of menopause I was facing some difficult and   challenging changes.  Before I started with Monica I was not coping very well with lack of sleep and hormone changes, there was depression, anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation and desire, new aches and pains etc.

I was about to embark on the usual course of action that a lot of women my age choose and recommended and start taking sleeping  tablets, anti depressants and hormone replacement but decided instead to try an alternative approach to see if that helped first. I have certainly found that after visiting Monica and by sticking to a planed regime of diet and vitamins for the last two years that I am feeling a lot better and like my old self these days without any of those things.

My journey has involved quite a few changes including finding better sleep which in turn makes you happier in yourself.  I had quite a profound weight loss in the beginning but once I settled into my new routine I found a more realistic approach to everything that I can maintain and even though a little heavier than after my initial weight loss I can happily say that all it is working well for me. I am allowing myself a more 80-20 approach to everything these days and not so rigid.

I have found Monica to be a very caring practitioner with a very sensitive approach to her clients. I always feel valued and important and she goes out of her way to really listen to her clients and try to meet and understand their needs. This would include a deeper understanding of not just their physical but also their emotional state which in this day and age goes a long way to the greater health plan.

Anne L.

Anne L.

As you walk in the door of Croydon Herbal Health you can actually ‘feel’ the warmth, the empathy that is Monica, Roanna & Co….. it’s very genuine!

Monica is caring, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable & extremely well educated in all things health, aspiring, fun & my absolute hero. I will be forever grateful to her… after a number of years of feeling ‘very’ unwell physically &  subsequently mentally/ emotionally I finally walked into Croydon Herbal Health & the road to my recovery began….

Multiple bloods missed by mainstream doctors for 5+yrs; Monica had me better in such a short time following new bloods requested (& in conjunction with doctor) plus continued care from Croydon Herbal Health maintains my health.

Now happy to be alive & happy to be happy again… no matter if you maybe just need to check your wellbeing or have a health issue, I totally recommend Croydon Herbal Health.

Anne L.

Alan H.

Alan H.

Having been thoroughly interested in health, nutrition, well-being, and fitness for many years, I have continually kept reading and researching these topics and implementing in to my world in terms of foods, supplements, and exercise, and kept refining and fine-tuning along the way.

I have developed a thirst for the knowledge of health, nutrition, and well-being – and found it fascinating to learn that such is a “science”, and one which I believe should be taught in school, everyone should know; and that in the words of Hippocrates – “let food be thy medicine” is so true.

Having made consistent gains through the studies and implementation of such over several years – I wanted to get to the “next level” and so decided to look for a Naturopath (“natural path”) whereby I could avail myself of the “tests” which a Naturopath can provide to see things at a deeper level in terms of how the body is functioning.

I wanted a Naturopath who was well-established in the local area and one with good experience – and this lead to me Monica Roberts at Croydon Herbal Health in Croydon Hills – having known of this practice for many years, having worked in the local area myself for as many years equally. I have now been a client of Croydon Herbal Health for the past couple of years and have found the process to be a continually inspiring journey – the journey of exploration and implementation of health, nutrition, and well-being.

Thank you Monica, and Croydon Herbal Health.

Regards, Alan H.


Mandy Waters – Warragul

I have enjoyed visiting Monica for some years now. I find her balance between professionalism and friendly holistic practice to be exceptional.

I was living locally when Croydon Herbal health was first recommended to me,

I have been so impressed by the care provided that I have continued to travel a considerable distance for appointments after moving back to my home town.

The service provided is:

-Professional, friendly and personal


-Up to date with the latest research

-Treatments are explained thoroughly and clearly

-And the staff are helpful and friendly

Above all, and most importantly, I enjoy continued improving good health.  Mandy.

Deanne Marshall

Deanne Marshall

Monica Roberts has been my Naturopath for many years.  I have always found her to be professional, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable.  My health has never been better since being in Monicas’ care.  Monica keeps me on track with my health and I would highly recommend a visit to Monica.

Over the years she has become a friend, she is a great lady.

Deanne Marshall

Lisa Hunt

Lisa – Warrandyte

I’ve known Monica and have been a client of hers for the last 15 years.  I first met Monica after my daughter started Prep and I finally had some time to think about my own needs and health.  I made an appointment to have a chat about my lifestyle and my concern about my weight.

Monica tracked with me all the way, encouraging me and advising me about the best ways to return to good health and vitality.

Monica is much more than a health practitioner,  she is a coach and an expert all wrapped up into one and she genuinely cares.

Lisa x