Alan H.

Having been thoroughly interested in health, nutrition, well-being, and fitness for many years, I have continually kept reading and researching these topics and implementing in to my world in terms of foods, supplements, and exercise, and kept refining and fine-tuning along the way.

I have developed a thirst for the knowledge of health, nutrition, and well-being – and found it fascinating to learn that such is a “science”, and one which I believe should be taught in school, everyone should know; and that in the words of Hippocrates – “let food be thy medicine” is so true.

Having made consistent gains through the studies and implementation of such over several years – I wanted to get to the “next level” and so decided to look for a Naturopath (“natural path”) whereby I could avail myself of the “tests” which a Naturopath can provide to see things at a deeper level in terms of how the body is functioning.

I wanted a Naturopath who was well-established in the local area and one with good experience – and this lead to me Monica Roberts at Croydon Herbal Health in Croydon Hills – having known of this practice for many years, having worked in the local area myself for as many years equally. I have now been a client of Croydon Herbal Health for the past couple of years and have found the process to be a continually inspiring journey – the journey of exploration and implementation of health, nutrition, and well-being.

Thank you Monica, and Croydon Herbal Health.

Regards, Alan H.